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Our Guest speaker for the Sandhills Orchid Society Symposium 2020 will be ​​Linda Thorne!!!!

Linda Thorne  is an AOS judge, past national assistant trainer for the AOS, and past AOS trustee. After years of holding the position of treasurer for The Slipper Orchid Alliance, she passed on the position to someone else. Linda loves orchids and orchid lovers!
    Seagrove Orchids was established in 2000 after a move from the Washington DC area. Dear friends and mentors from Maryland provided encouragement for this new career move. Linda grew over two hundred individual orchid plants in her Maryland home and had an orchid propagation laboratory. By the time she decided to move to NC, she had accumulated over 500 potted orchids and over three hundred bottles of baby orchids.... all made the trip with her. After the initial culture shock of city life to country life, Linda was pleased with her decision to pursue Seagrove Orchids. I can say that leaving an amazing job in Washington DC in hazardous materials was hard. An added bonus included in her move to Seagrove, NC., is that her parents live only an hour North in Greensboro, NC.

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   Happy July! I want to remind you that we are now meeting in person, and will be gathering tomorrow night (Tues., July 13) at Holy Trinity Episcopal Church for our monthly society meeting. Our guest speaker is Linda Thorne, owner of Seagrove Orchids, who has spoken to us a number of times before. For those of you who have not heard her, Linda is a GREAT speaker and very engaging. She will also be bringing orchids to sell, which is something else to look forward to.

     As far as I know, we are still not allowed to bring foods to serve "buffet style." So bring your own refreshments, and I'll try to supplement that with some kind of fruit.

      David Dudley ( SOS President )

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13 July 2021 SOS Meeting 

The Sandhills Orchid Society had a change in venue, where a few of our veteran Society growers had brought in a few of their favorite blooming orchids. They each gave a short presentation of  their "treasure's particular attributes", such as culture, interesting facts , and why it is one of their favorite orchids.

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13 July 2021

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     Nineteen years later, Seagrove Orchids is a success story, holding the title of a premiere orchid grower in North Carolina. Never too busy to help others, Linda shares her years of orchid trials, errors, and triumphs with fellow orchid growers and beginning orchid enthusiasts.
      Linda is confident about orchid culture and the proof is the in the AOS cultural awards that Seagrove Orchids has received in the last 19 years. She loves getting culture awards, for the award goes to the grower and not the individual plant. As of April 2019, Seagrove Orchids has 17 cultural awards.
Seagrove North Carolina boasts over 140 individual pottery shop making it the pottery capital of the world. Linda thinks it is also the orchid capital. Seagrove Orchids is open Friday and Saturday, but she is also willing to open the greenhouse with notice for private visits.

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Sandhills Orchid Society Orchid Symposium Take home Treasures!!  

  These lovely Oncidiums types  (featured/ photographed on the left), are looking to be our "take -home" plants at our annual SOS Symposium. 

    We also have an Oncidium Culture Sheet  under our "AOS Page". Please take a look and if there are any question, contact us or bring your questions to the symposium..... Hope to see you there !!!!!


    It certainly was a good way to share tips and "tricks" with other Society members. 

  The presenters included David Dudley 

(President),   Joy Lemieux (Past President), Van Ewert (Vice President), Susan Makar (AOS Rep.), Edie Liepins ( Member at Large),  Cheryl Brinley ( SOS Secretary) and Mei Ling (SOS Member).   

SOS Orchid Symposium will also host three orchid venders  for the day: 

Seagrove Orchids (Linda Thorne)

Backyard Orchids (Susan Makar)