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    Sandhills Orchid Society hosted its annual Grower's Day on March 9th , inside the Parrish Hall at the Holy Trinity Episcopal Church . Though a bit of a dreary, rainy day, the bright colors were all inside. The Sandhills orchid growers  welcomed Society members from the Cape Fear Orchid Society  (CFOS) as well as guests and newcomers. 
    Once again, Steve Arthur had presented two very interesting presentations, ranging from a brief history of "Orchid hunters", first "Conservatories", orchid culture, potting, repotting and different varieties of growing media. Steve complimented his conversations with accompanying videos which added a better visual understanding to his presentation. There was quite the interaction and stimulating questions,  which were easily answered by Steve and the senior growers of both SOS and CFOS. 

    Our very on Keith Clayton had presented  "Introduction to Orchids", and Van Ewert presented "Specialty and Rare orchids".   From the novice to the experienced growers, everyone had come away with new information about orchids and orchid culture.    There was a multitude of orchid enthusiasts, great lunch, and Steve Arthur had a good variety of plants for sale!  Hats off and thanks to all that were involved in the planning, setup and execution of the event. 

 A good time was had by all who attended....Can't wait till next year!!

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 Sandhills Orchid Society hosted their  Annual Growers Day event on 15 May  2019.  

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    Sandhills Orchid Society had its first auction of the year on April 9th 2019 and it was fabulous!  Thanks to Susan for coordinating with John Stanton of Orchid Trail for such a wide selection of  beautiful blooming orchids.

  Once again Keith Clayton and David Dudley; our  well -seasoned auctioneers made the evening light and humorous, while adding to the SoS funds.

  During a well deserved break in the action, David introduced himself to our newest members and rendered a few tips on orchid care.

 The event had come to a close with all the plants sold and off to their new homes.

 Thanks again to all that were involved in the evening's event!

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