President                                                        David Dudley    
Co President                                                   Van Ewert

Vice President                                                Vacant

Treasurer                                                         Ursula Cables

AOS Rep                                                            Susan Makar

Secretary                                                          Cheryl Brinley    
Past President                                                Joy Lemieux

Newsletter Editor / By-Laws                      Cheryl Brinley

Member at Large                                           Keith Clayton    
Member at Large                                           Edie Liepins
Member at Large                                      
    ​Ursula Cables   
Member at Large                                           Jane Squires    
Member at Large                                           Kaye Christiansen Member at Large                                           Joe Runnings

​​​​​​​​Welcome and Thank you for visiting our site.  The Sandhills Orchid Society is an organization open to people who love orchids and enjoy growing them. Whether you just bought your first orchid and have no idea how to care for it, or you are a seasoned grower and enjoy showing orchids, the Sandhills Orchid Society offers something for everybody!  



Membership fees are not considered tax deductible because of the many benefits of membership.  Donations of plants and/or money to SOS are tax deductible.  Donations can be targeted to speaker fees, other expenses, or to SOS orchid show expenses, awards, etc.

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Our Goal

The Sandhills Orchid Society is here to facilitate the understanding of orchids, how to grow & enjoy them, and provide opportunities to meet other people with similar interests.  Our members come from Fayetteville, Southern Pines, Whispering Pines, and other surrounding areas in North Carolina.  Anyone interested is welcome to attend as a guest!

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Sandhills Orchid Society

Sandhills Orchid Society