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The Orchid of the Month   … Catasetum

                                        Submitted by Susan Makar

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  The "Orchid of the Month" Corner is selected randomly and asked by SOS members for a  deeper knowledge of a particular specifies  of orchids. Susan will normally research the American Orchid Society Web Page for photos and the AOS culture information.

   So far Susan has researched and submitted several orchid specific culture sheets to the Newsletter.  

 - Lycastes              - Cymbidium

-  Cattleya              - Paphiopedilum 

 - Zygopetalums    - Vanda  

 - Miltoniopsis       - Oncidiums

​ -  Phalaenopsis    - Catasetum

​ - Cycnoches

as of 5 October. 2019

Culture Sheets