The Sandhills Orchid Society met on the Tuesday after our annual Grower's Day 2019 at 7:00 PM in the Holy Trinity Episcopal Church, 1601 Raeford Road, NC. There was an abundant  variety of orchids to be seen and admired. We also welcomed a few new members. 

Our speaker for this month was Graham Ramsey who presented an interesting presentation on Ochiata potting media. He also touched upon the American Orchid Society and resources available on their web site, and the benefits of joining ….
  For more information on AOS, please see our very own AOS representative,  Susan.  

     Afterwards, SOS Board members organized and prepared SOS members' orchids for the upcoming Orchid Show in Charlotte, NC, sponsored by the Piedmont Orchid Society.   ...thanks to Edie, Ursula and Ray! 

Our Meetings

​   The Sandhills Orchid Society meets on the Tuesday after the second Monday of the month at 7:00 PM in the Holy Trinity Episcopal Church, 1601 Raeford Road, NC. Visitors are welcome!
   Our meetings are interesting, very informative, and fun!  There is always more to discover in the “world of orchids”.

  At most meetings we have a guest speaker.  There are display tables for our members to bring and showcase their blooming orchids.  At each meeting, a handful of the fantastic plant members have shared are awarded ribbons.  There is also a fun orchid raffle at the end of the meeting, and sometimes donation plants.

   A few times during the year, when SOS doesn’t have a guest speaker, SOS, the members are invited to participate in “Orchid Bingo” and encourage our own members to give a talk or demonstration

​6:30-7:00: Meeting preparation: Setting up display tables for member plants (with SOS there are two categories: greenhouse-grown and home-grown orchids), meeting the speaker, purchasing  plants, and buying raffle tickets.

7:00-7:15: Introductions, Announcements:  Meeting begins – Announcements are made about  upcoming events and guests are introduced.

7:15-8:00: Program: Our speakers are usually nationally-known orchid specialists. Programs are 40  minutes long with 5 – 10 minutes for questions. Our programs are intended to help us all  better appreciate the wonderful and diverse world of orchids.

8:00-8:15: Social Break: We use this time to socialize, enjoy the blooming plants on the show table,  purchase plants from vendors, and buy raffle tickets.

8:15-8:30: Show Table Review and Awards:  The speaker and/or some of our own veteran growers  describe the orchids on the show tables and give us helpful information on classification  and culture.

8:30- 8:45: Raffle End the evening with a quick and fun raffle – your chance to take a new orchid home!

9:00: Meeting Ends


Sandhills Orchid Society had the pleasure of having Dr. Kristen Uthus on 13 August . 

    We’ve excited to have Dr. Kristen Uthus, co-owner of New World Orchids, joining us in August to share her talk Japanese Orchids: The Small and Mighty. This will be an in depth look at Japanese species, especially what makes Japanese orchids stand out in a crowd and why Neofinetia falcata may be the easiest of all orchids to grow.  

    New World Orchids specializes in Japanese species including Neofinetia falcata, Dendrobium moniliforme, and Sederia japonica as well as Asian Cymbidium species, but their miniature selection has been expanding to include many other small species including Pleurothallids, Bulbophyllums, and Angraecums.

Some photos of our meetings 

Sandhills Orchid Society