Sandhills Orchid Society

1st Place

Keith Clayton

- Pot. Love Call

Dendrobium Spectabile 

2nd Place

Keith Clayton
- Den. Roy Tokunaga

Paph. Millennium x Lancer

Green House Growers - March 19

Sandhills Orchid Society  Monthly Show 
     We want to thank our members who bring in their plants for display at the monthly meetings. This is a great viewing experience for all and a great way to learn about new plants we might want to try to grow in the future for ourselves.
   But did you know that you can bring in a blooming plant that you might not be certain about the name or type and have our group of experts help identify your plant? The more you know, the better your chance of success. Thank you for participating and we'll see you and your plants at the next monthly meeting. 

      The Board

1st Place


- Dendrobium


3rd Place

Cheryl Brinley
– Paph. WilliamAmbler

Windowsill Growers - March 19. 

Paph. Delenati "Snow Ball"


2nd Place

Susan Makar
– Wils. Eye Candy "Pinky"

Honorable Mention - 2019

Cattleya. Mari's Song

Blc. Wanda's Fire 

3rd Place

Keith Clayton
- Lc. Hsinying Catherine Hakuch

Orchid Showcase