Tom Wise with members of the Sandhills Orchid Society at Steve Arthur's  - Orchid Fest Graniteville SC. 2017.

April 2019 Speaker: Graham Ramsey 

Repotting With Orchiata
     Graham Ramsey has lived in Asheville North Carolina his entire life. Like many orchid enthusiasts, his first orchid was a white Phalaenopsis, a gift for his wife purchased at the local hardware store. It wasn’t until Graham’s mother-in-law sent him home with 18 orchids from her Florida home that he realized there was more to orchids than white Phalaenopsis.
    With his daughter off to college and suddenly a mix of orchids to care for, he co-opted his daughter’s bedroom and attempted to create the perfect growing space, that is, until his wife objected to the humidifying of the bedroom! Off to the basement to create a full blown growroom, and, eventually, a 6oo sq. ft. greenhouse.

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