Cape Fear Orchid Society Grower's day March 2, 2019:  

The Cape Fear Orchid Society  hosted its annual Grower's Day on March 2nd, inside the Arboretum’s Education Center. Though a bit of a dreary day, the gorgeous bright colors were all inside; CFOS  orchid growers  along with regional orchid societies  (Myrtle Beach Society members and Sandhills Orchid Society) were represented.

  Society members had rendered several presentations on "Growing orchids in the Home" or in their particular case, the " Conservatory" and "Growing in the Greenhouse".

  There was a multitude of orchid enthusiasts, Great Breakfast, and a good variety of plants and orchid supplies for sale!

 Susan and I had a Great time!! 

Sandhills Orchid Society Showtable

  Edie, Ursula and Ray taking a well deserved break after setting up the SOS orchid display 



NC Piedmont Orchid Show  15-17 March 2019  ...…

​   Susan and I arrived early at the Piedmont Orchid Show on Saturday morning, and was excited to see a beautiful array of ribbon- winning orchids on display. 

​  Congratulations to the Sandhills Society members that contributed and won ribbons for their orchids. 

   SOS looks forward to participating in more orchids shows in the future. 


   As usual the Biltmore conservatory was chock-full of  lush topicals and blooming orchids. Susan was spotted in and amongst the beautiful plants, while I was hovering around the train set in one of the orchid rooms. 

   No time for lolly-gaging as we had to move onto the Orchid show at the arboretum. Approaching the arboretum, we had come across our Past President ( Joy Lemieux), who had just finished judging at the Show and commented that there were over 500 entries for judging. ... made for a long day.  Joy also commented on how beautiful the orchids were. 

   There were many orchids to select for purchase; among the vendors were Steve Arthur, Mark Reinke and Carter and Holmes to name a few. 

   … caught Susan and Mark discussing a few orchids,  and in a short minute ... bags of orchids were "flying" off the table ... only kidding.  We had a great time! 

SOS "On the Move"

Sandhills Orchid Society

Some Beautiful Orchids at the Biltmore Estate, Asheville, NC

    They're at it again.... Once again Edie, Ursula and Ray brought quite a few member plants to the "Show" and set up a rather large representation of the Sandhills Orchid Society. The orchids ranged from  Dendrobiums, Oncidiums, Paphs, Cattleyas and the cutest, little yellow Phal. 

   Thanks again to David (SOS President) for bringing everyone's orchids back home. 

Photos of Sandhills Orchid Society Members out and about,........ exploring local Societies or wherever orchids are grown or displayed. 

Happenings  this weekend in Asheville (April 5-6)….    

      Biltmore Orchids and then onto the Western North Carolina Orchid Society's  Orchid Show "An Orchid Expedition"