Beautiful weather complimented the Triangle Orchid Society's Fall Auction. There were orchids from RF Orchids and LeHua Orchids from Hawaii.

   Dr. Harry Gallis  among others hosted and served as auctioneers, directly after a Potluck Luncheon. 

  There were some great looking Vandas and Paphs among others 

Happenings  this weekend in Asheville (April 5-6)….    

      Biltmore Orchids and then onto the Western North Carolina Orchid Society's  Orchid Show "An Orchid Expedition"

      Modeled on a famous photo of a sailor kissing a nurse at the end of WWII. Earlier versions of this statue (in San Diego and Sarasota) are named "Unconditional Surrender." This one is more tactfully named "Embracing Peace."

    Seagrove Orchids (Linda Thorne) at Captain White House in Graham, North Carolina.

  This historical setting was the perfect venue to showcase Seagrove Orchids Plant sale. 

   This artistic hub in  Alamance County, is housed in the historic Captain James and Emma Holt White House, a historic landmark. Inside you'll find galleries with exhibits by local, regional and international artists. Picasso's Gift Shop, is also located here, with artistic gifts, ceramics, jewelry, glass work, garden art and many more shopping delights you won't find elsewhere -- all unique and reasonably priced. Next to the Captain White House is the Graham Art Park with inspiring public art that also leads to the Children's Museum next door.    

Triangle Orchid Society Fall Auction (Lake Crabtree near Morrisville), Saturday, 7 September 2019.

  Susan and I prepared for the mission; the trek to South Carolina (approx.  3 hours). ... snack bag and drink bag were at the ready, with the "Open house" Flyer in hand. 

  I had Susan in bright colors so I could find her amongst the deep dark green foliage while I was running the selections to the sales counter. There were some species and categories that were already sold out on Friday, but we managed to acquire a few ourselves. 

   We also managed to beat the rain home as well. ... had fun!!

Photos of Sandhills Orchid Society Members out and about,........ exploring local Societies or wherever orchids are grown or displayed. 


Marriott Orchids at Kernersville, North Carolina, 21 December 2019 with Hadley Cash. 


      Susan and Linda in the elegant dining room surrounded by Linda's georgeous orchids.

Laura Overstreet

Some Beautiful Orchids at the Biltmore Estate, Asheville, NC

Cape Fear Orchid Society's Big "Bloomin" Orchid Day  Wilmington, NC  -- March 5, 2022.

   No time for lolly-gaging as we had to move onto the Orchid show at the arboretum. Approaching the arboretum, we had come across our Past President ( Joy Lemieux), who had just finished judging at the Show and commented that there were over 500 entries for judging. ... made for a long day.  Joy also commented on how beautiful the orchids were. 

   There were many orchids to select for purchase; among the vendors were Steve Arthur, Mark Reinke and Carter and Holmes to name a few. 

   … caught Susan and Mark discussing a few orchids,  and in a short minute ... bags of orchids were "flying" off the table ... only kidding.  We had a great time! 

Cape Fear Botanical Garden 14 May 2022

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Sandhills Orchid Society

Cape Fear Orchid Society "Bloomin Orchid Day", Wilmington, NC. 

   Susan and I were volunteered to assist Cheryl Garrett at the Sandhills Orchid Society table at CFBG annual plant sale.  and good thing that we left early....  

 The weather was threatening all morning, but Susan, orchids and flyers lasted till after lunch when the storm was coming through the area. ... at times our two tables shared a 10'x10' canopy. Samantha, (FTCC horticultural instructor), provided information on their program. 

​     Sandhills Orchid Society has been invited to the Master Gardener Symposium (25 June) as well as (Backyard Orchids LLC.).   


Jim Lanier 2022

   Susan and I jumped in the jeep early Friday afternoon and headed towards Wilmington for the Cape Fear Orchid Society Big "Bloomin" Orchid Day Celebration. ... and good thing that we left early....  

   Susan and I were warmly greeted at the door by Laura Overstreet (CFOS Treasurer), Pam Layne CFOS Past President), and Kelly Smith CFOS President). We smoothly passed through the name plates, raffle tickets and "take home" plant selection and Continental Breakfast.  

​     Susan and I (Backyard Orchids LLC.) were invited to CFOS "grower's Day to sell orchid supplies. The focus was to satisfy "Beginner Growers" but Susan had something for just about everyone.  Some 60-70 (+) orchid enthusiasts attended, and everyone very much enjoyed all the speakers, especially Jim Lanier and Kelly Smith.

    The raffle table was full of "goodies" and vendors were available to answer any questions 

     Susan managed to secure a couple of treasures and we had a blast.  

      In Memory of Hadley Cash with some of his  elegant and gorgeous orchids.... remarkable!

Happenings this weekend in Newberry, SC at the Carter and Holmes Fall Open house 23-24 August 2019.

   Susan and I had an appointment to see Hadley's Famous Paphs in Kernersville, North Carolina. Upon entering the greenhouse, Susan exclaimed .. I 've never seen so many Paphs in one place before!  Indeed, there were benches that seemingly would go on forever!

   Susan (Mrs Klaus) had coordinated the appointment to secure a Bulldog Paph for Ray as a Christmas present. 

   Hadley had taken us on a tour of the Greenhouse as he described to us his various crosses in bloom this time of year. He showed us one plant that had about 20 blooms on it, and of course multiple awards. As we walked through the "sea" of Paphs, there were mostly green, white, and some light reds. In the coming months the yellows, reds, and misc. will bloom.

Susan managed to secure a couple of Paphs to take home for the holidays, and all was well.   

SOS "On the Move"



      At Christmas time, the whole house is a holiday extravaganza of decorations and gifts you won't want to miss - with an ice skating rink in the front yard! Check out their  website for free music concerts, exhibits, and cultural events for Alamance County.

Seagrove Orchids at Graham, North Carolina, 07 December 2019

   As usual the Biltmore conservatory was chock-full of  lush topicals and blooming orchids. Susan was spotted in and amongst the beautiful plants, while I was hovering around the train set in one of the orchid rooms.